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    To my fellow brotherhood of veterans and those who are seeking relief from what we know as PTSD and all the dark side effects that it enables us to suffer from. It is with great sincerity that I convey what David Busch and his therapy has done for a combat veteran like myself. Before coming to seek his help, I was suffering from chronic nightly paralyzing nightmares and carrying an over bearing weight of guilt that indirectly affected and welcomed trust issues that only hurt my relationship and those around me. I was experiencing violent nightmares every night for 4 years. It wasnít until I was treated by 2 sessions of EMDR that I was able to diminish the amount of nightmares down from every night, to once a month. It has literally given me a second chance to live my life again. The best variable about this treatment is that it did not require me to speak or share the horrific experiences, scenarios and smells that most of us have encountered within a combat environment, until I felt comfortable. I strongly urge and encourage those who are suffering like I was, to take control of your life again and fight back PTSD to regain what it has taken from you. I had been dealing with it for so long before seeking therapy. I did not know how depressed I was or would even admit that I was depressed until I found help. I can honestly look back now and understand why and how I was affected. We have given so much to our country as veterans and I encourage you know, take your life back so that you may enjoy what we fought so hard for. Do it for yourself, your family and your loved ones.

A Former American Soldier

Army 82nd Airborne 4th Brigade 2/508 P.I.R. Bravo Company

    In July 2012, I witnessed a horrible incident. My boyfriend and father to my child committed suicide right in front of me. In that one instant, my world was completely shattered into a million pieces. Time stood still; I didnít know how to go on with my life with the weight of his death on my shoulders. During my first session with David Busch, he had me put on headphones that played music while I mentally relived the traumatic event. At the end of the session, he spent time having me envision a beautiful place of sanctuary and peace. He also explained that I might have vivid dreams that night, and woke up the next day feeling more calm and serene. Since that one session of trauma therapy, the peaceful effects have continued to increase. I cannot explain why the therapy works; it just does. My friends and family are continually amazed at how well I am coping with the eventís aftermath. I can look back now, and even though the horrible images are still there, itís as if the screaming horror music has been muted. Before I had therapy with David, my brain was stuck reliving the event over and over trying to make sense of it all. Now my brain no longer feels the need to continually reply the tragedy. It is simply something that has happened, and Iím able to go on and continue with life. My love for my boyfriend is still alive and present, but now I am at peace with this unexpected death. I would absolutely recommend Davidís trauma therapy to anyone who has undergone a horrific event in their life. I simply cannot give the program enough praise! Denise W.

    For years I have felt as if my heart had a constant un-healing emotional wound. I had tried many forms of treatment to heal the empty feeling, but I never felt that I had ever truly resolved my past. I was amazed when I finished my EMDR session. I felt this incredible warmth within, a sense of complete peace. The session allowed me to address every trouble I had ever experienced in a very direct way. I haven't felt this whole in a very long time. Lindsay C.

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