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    My experience with EMDR therapy was remarkable. After the back-to-back brain surgeries and a long hospitalization, I was plagued with the fear of being re-hospitalized for any reason. Because of my diagnosis and the problems brought on by radiation after surgery, I knew being a patient in the hospital again was simply a matter of time. One EMDR session and I was no longer fearful. I had recurring nightmares for over one year prior to treatment and afterwards I have had none. I've been hospitalized at least a half dozen times since and undergone two surgeries without reliving the trauma. EMDR is an incredible treatment and should be considered by anyone with post-traumatic stress. Betsy H.

    I though the trauma was quite novel, as flying through windshields and the subsequent thud does replay for decades. My childhood experiences and EMDR is difficult to put into succinct words, but something like memories of the domestic violence in my early childhood were not recounted in my normal daily life nor were those memories forgotten. They would express themselves as nonstop violence in almost all my dreams. EMDR therapy has helped me confront the violence and in turn, those who acted horribly, (and some quite heroically) in my childhood. Confronting the past has made the dreams a lot better. Jeff D

    Having issues from my childhood that still manifest in my adult life, I have extreme anxiety. It has led me to not live my life to the fullest in some areas. I may or may not choose to fly on a plane and thus miss a great vacation opportunity. I had experienced EMDR a little over a year ago and have noticed several changes in my anxiety levels and furthermore over happiness. It was a great experience and unlike any other hypnosis I have had in the past. I was in complete relaxation. With multiple sessions I noticed my anxiety immediately decreased to a very manageable level. I have since flown out of state twice with no need of any anti-anxiety medications. Justin M.

    I was taken by surprise to find out two small sensors placed into my hands and headphones on my head were the vehicle to my recovery. I thought we were going to talk about my trauma and the standard "how does that make you feel?" questions would be asked. This therapy was nothing like that. I had avoided these topics in my life because saying them out loud made it feel more painful. I took great relief in knowing that I did not have to share what I was revisiting out loud. I only needed to picture the event and allow myself to revisit those memories. I never had the courage to try this therapy because it was hard enough to think about everything, saying them out loud was another issues altogether.
    The memories were painfully vivid and I struggled to stay in the moment I had tried for so long to compartmentalize. Feeling safe in the knowledge that if I could not take what my head was remembering, I could open my eyes and the images would stop. This made the journey to my past a bit more bearable. I was not prepared for the emotional release I experienced, but I can tell you that it felt like a burden lifted when we were done. I know I have more hard work to do, but I also feel that this therapy is a fast track to reclaiming who I am and moving forward. I think it would have taken months and months for me to have the courage to face these memories and be able to verbalize them to anyone. This therapy has helped me to find that courage and let go of a lot of old sadness, anger and confusion that I would not allow myself to feel or process otherwise. Lisa S.

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